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Rory Angold, Executive Vice President at United Car Care, Reveals 3 Steps to High-Performance Selling

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Are you looking for that edge over your coworkers? There's nothing new about being a top performer in the office. It's more about your mindset than raw talent. No one gets ahead because of natural skill. The truth is, great sales reps strengthen these three areas before they shoot to the top. If you want to be more than an average agent, then integrate the following three steps Rory Angold, Executive Vice President at United Car Care, suggests to achieve high-performance selling.

1. Set Your Own Standards

The milestones that your manager expects you to reach are just a guideline. A company usually determines those expectations based on the lowest standards necessary to see positive results. You can't continue to rely on those beginner goals to get you to the top of the food chain. Unfortunately, most sales agents don't meet even those standards. But you're different, and self-improvement is crucial to being the best you can be.

Take Small Steps

You've got to see how far you're capable of going above and beyond. It's easy to misjudge how much you can handle, and that's why you should do it incrementally. Are you expected to pitch 100 new leads every week? Set your minimum to 125. Next week you can bump it up another ten contacts, and keep increasing your standards. When everyone else is struggling to contact 60 potential clients a week, you'll be producing twice the results.

Ignore Negative Backlash

It's not easy to admit, but dedication can stir up a lot of negative emotions from coworkers. It's not that they are against you. Your work ethic just seems impossible to them, and it is a constant reminder of how much harder they need to work to meet their personal goals. They might even label you a workaholic. Don't concern yourself with it.

2. Make an Impact on Those Around You

Some rookie sales reps forget the human aspect of success. Closing the most sales on your team won't magically make you a likable person. You've got to understand the balance between reputation and results. A mediocre seller can win the hearts of their employers with favoritism, in spite of their lackluster performance. Likewise, a magnificent sales rep could destroy their career with one sentence. The main point of this step is simple. Create friendships and avoid making enemies. Exceeding sales quotas will never protect your integrity. However, having a kindhearted reputation will fill the gap of inexperience.

Be Genuine

Faking a kind personality isn't going to cut it in the real world. Your character needs to stay genuine. By all means, be yourself. Your uniqueness is what makes you stand out from the crowd, and expressing yourself honestly radiates confidence. Be the best version of yourself by treating everyone around you with respect. Without teamwork, you will never be allowed to break through to the next level of success. A bad reputation will hold you back.

3. Think Outside of the Box

There's always room for improvement in your sales process. A person just like you created the sales script that your team follows. Their ideas worked well enough to be used as the standard for new agents, but it shouldn't be considered perfect. Making a script all your own has its benefits. When you find a conversation starter that works for you, then add it to your script. Test every idea you have, and always keep notes of successful conversations. Try recording sales calls so you can review them later. It's easier to repeat a stroke of genius than to go into every pitch hoping for the best. Try to pinpoint the moments when you overcome an objection, and define the course of conversation that builds on your pitch. Constant tweaks to your sales process will make you a star in the sales department.

Have You Seen These High-Performance Traits in Your Field?

The greatest way to learn is by real-life example. Now that you know the defining traits of a great seller, you should be on the lookout for role-models to follow in your career. Ideally, you should team up with a mentor at your office. If you're already the best at your job, then you should choose an established expert that you can relate to. Even the greatest minds benefit from looking to others for inspiration, and you will, too!

About Rory Angold

Rory Angold has two decades of work experience in leadership and executive positions. His current role is serving as Executive Vice President at United Car Care, a company that offers vehicle service contracts that provide reliable protection at an affordable cost. He last managed field teams in California, Nevada, Hawaii, Oregon, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Wyoming for Zurich Direct Markets, a $1.5B business. Mr. Angold is a results-driven specialist in automotive dealer consulting, training, and reinsurance with a proven track record of developing people, putting together a winning team with an infectious culture that empowers people to want to win.

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