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Rory Angold Explores the Best Extreme Sports Vacations

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You've done a bit of windsurfing, a bit of rock climbing, and a touch of mountain biking, but you want to go all-in with your next trip. In this article, extreme sports enthusiast Rory Angold provides a guide to some of the best extreme sports vacations for the daredevils amongst you. 

Bungee Jumping at Victoria Falls

The world's highest bungee jump available as a guided experience, this jump over the Zambeze River, is a stunning 365-foot plunge in front of Victoria Falls. There are also bridge swings and airplane tours of the Zimbabwe countryside available for this once in a lifetime jumping opportunity. 

Heli-skiing in Canada and Alaska

If you are a highly experienced and confident skier, the top opportunity for high-adrenaline skiing can be found by taking a helicopter to places on mountains that most people only see from an airplane. Heli-skiing offers views and experiences on untouched snow and the most challenging slopes in the world. 

Sandboarding in Peru

Snowboarders especially enjoy the excitement of warm weatherboarding in desert landscapes. Sandboarding is a year-around opportunity for excitement anywhere there are sand dunes, and one of the most popular spots for this growing sport is Cerro Blanco in Peru, home of the world's tallest dune.

Dive with the Sharks in South Africa

There are several diving expeditions off of Cape Hope where experienced divers can explore False Bay. The bay allows divers to spend time diving with Blue and Mako sharks while exploring the spectacular surroundings.

Extreme Spelunking in New Zealand

The Waitomo cave system in New Zealand presents opportunities for cave climbing, rappelling, and exploring. There are waterfall dives and black-water (underground) rafting tours through the spectacular Rauakuri Cave.

Bike in the Alps at the Megavalanche

The Megavalanche at Alpe d'Huez in the Alps is considered to be the apex of dangerous mountain biking. The ski slopes present a unique challenge for racers each summer who prepare for months for the annual race. 

Explore the Flatirons in Colorado

The steep rock structures of the Flatirons present fantastic opportunities for hiking, kayaking, and horseback riding. You can combine extreme adventures here with relaxing fun in nearby Boulder, noted for its culture and scenic beauty.

Run with the Bulls in Spain

The mystique of Pamplona and the bulls is well-known around the world. The bulls are real, and their hooves and horns are legitimate dangers to the brave souls who take to the streets with them. If there is a vacation that will always be a guaranteed conversation starter for the rest of your years, this is it.

About Rory Angold

Rory Angold has spent the past 20 years assuming leadership and executive positions within various companies. Mr. Angold worked with Zurich North America, managing and more importantly developing field teams in California, Nevada, Hawaii, Oregon, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Wyoming. His goal was to connect with automotive dealers and industry partners to help them increase their wealth while managing risks and protecting their assets. Mr. Angold is now serving as Executive Vice President at United Car Care, a company that offers vehicle service contracts that provide reliable protection at an affordable cost.

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