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Rory Angold, Sports Enthusiast, Weighs In On The World Of Dirtsurfing

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Combine the thrill of snowboarding with the skill of surfing, and you find yourself on the relatively new sport of dirtsurfing. The advantage of this sport is that you don't have to wait for the snow or waves to enjoy a ride. This unique device allows you to ride at higher speeds than a skateboard, where you can get up to 70 miles-per-hour or greater, depending on the slope.


Origin of Dirtsurfing 

Australia developed this new riding sport, and it has blossomed to other parts of the world. The equipment gives you the fluid motion of snowboarding and surfing on land. It also allows you to ride in any season on any slope.


Traditional skateboards and mountain riding equipment have a truck or chassis system which moves independently from the main deck. The dirtsurfing device allows the rider to lean on the board, turning the board in the free-flowing motion that you will find with skateboards and surfboards. 


Original vs. New Dirtsurfing Device

Since the invention of the dirtsurfing board, new developments have provided riders with a better performance by allowing the individual to ride higher and carve deeper turns. The new Flexideck has a rigid attachment at each wheel that attaches to a flexible board for the rider to stand on. The two-foot straps keep the rider's feet firmly connected to the deck, while the new braking system attaches to their back calf. With the braking system attached to the back leg, the rider can control his or her speed by leaning back, which is a natural tendency when wanting to stop. 


One unique feature of the dirtsurfing device is the way a rider creates movement. With the axle located higher than the board and a pivot point of the front wheel, the rider generates movement the same way a snowboarder creates speed. The back leg controls the calf operated brake on the new equipment. 


The device can be used on almost any terrain, whether it be a paved road or off-road trail. The rider uses the force of gravity to propel them forward, either by slope or use of one foot, similar to moving yourself on a skateboard. In flat areas, the rider can attach himself to a kite or sail and use the wind to propel them on flat surfaces. 


The original Dirtsurfer was a general-purpose device that had no brakes. It came in red, black and blue colors. Braking became a standard model after the new device was introduced. Now, the original model is only available as a limited edition. Later models, such as the one mentioned earlier, have introduced new designs and technology, but still, remain true to the original model. 


Since all the weight pulls down on the hubs during riding, the Dirtsurfer does not exhibit a wobble when speed is generated, like other bikes or board equipment. The wobble experienced on other equipment is due to the weight the rider pushes on the wheels; instead of pulling on the wheels. 


Choosing the Right Board

A drawback for individuals wanting to try this new sport is the availability of the product. Few Dirtsurfer retailers exist within the United States and other countries as it has yet to gain attention. However, you can easily order the Dirtsurfer online through a retailer. Dirtsurfers can range in price dramatically, but a standard device costs approximately $450. Additional accessories, such as road racing wheels or off-road tires, will increase the price drastically. 


If you are a thrill-seeker or a person that likes to travel at high speeds, then the price is well worth the investment. Purchase a standard model, until you become proficient. Just like skateboards, snowboards, and surfboards, it will take time to learn to ride. Once you have learned the basics, you can slowly transition to more challenging terrain and an advanced board. 


Find Dirtsurfing Communities

Dirtsurfing communities are slowly springing up, especially in California and Florida. The sport is becoming so popular teams are being drafted. Even tournaments are developing so accomplished dirtsurfers have a place to compete. Search online for information on the closest dirtsurfing group near you. 


According to current riders, once you start riding, you will not be able to stop. The thrill of speed and motion of the Dirtsurfer boosts your adrenaline sky high. If your interested, most dirtsurfing groups welcome newcomers and even provide classes to beginners. 


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